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  • What is ColorClone?
    ColorClone is a plug-in for DaVinci Resolve, designed to achieve precise camera color matching. It leverages a proprietary machine learning model, trained with an extensive dataset, including light spectrum-specific camera charts and tests across all supported cameras, to accurately map their color responses. Click here to learn more.
  • How do I install ColorClone?
    Coming soon.
  • Who can use ColorClone?
    ColorClone is essential for cinematographers, colorists, videographers, content creators, and filmmakers of any level looking to unify footage from multiple cameras or enhance their single-camera work. It democratizes technical processes, empowering creative freedom.
  • How do I use ColorClone?
    Integrate ColorClone into your DaVinci Resolve workflow by adding it to a node, selecting your source and target cameras, and letting our custom built matches seamlessly blend cameras. It's designed for simplicity and effectiveness.
  • How does ColorClone work?
    Utilizing a novel machine learning algorithm, ColorClone performs complex, nonlinear, and multidimensional transformations to match the spectral and color responses between different camera sensors, surpassing the limitations of traditional color grading methods.
  • How does ColorClone use AI?
    Our advanced machine learning model is trained on a vast dataset, incorporating light spectrum-specific camera charts and inter-camera tests, enabling us to precisely map and replicate the color response of various camera sensors.
  • Does ColorClone also emulate visual effects?
    ColorClone only has a color response. It is not a spatial emulation tool for visual effects such as film grain and halation.
  • What is the difference between ColorClone and other tools like CineMatch or Color Space Transform?
    Distinguishing itself from tools like CineMatch or Color Space Transform, ColorClone's machine learning-based approach allows for spectrum-specific adjustments, offering unparalleled accuracy in color matching.
  • I’m a colorist and can match cameras myself. Why do I need AI to do it?
    As a colorist, you have the skills to match cameras using traditional grading techniques, which rely on basic operations like lift, gamma, gain, and offset. However, these methods are limited to simplistic, linear adjustments. FilmaticAI's ColorClone transcends these limitations by employing advanced AI to perform intricate, non-linear transformations across multiple dimensions—something beyond the reach of standard color grading tools. This AI-driven approach not only enhances precision and subtlety in color matching but also streamlines the grading process, allowing you to focus on the artistry of color correction while effortlessly achieving seamless matches between different camera sources.
  • Can I make a match for any camera?
    While ColorClone excels in matching cameras with at least 10-bit and log gamma profiles, some limitations may arise with 8-bit cameras or when facing variances in dynamic range and codec color information.
  • Are you using my data to train the model? If so, how?
    No, we do not use customer data or camera information to train our model. Our training set is independently sourced. However, future iterations of ColorClone Pro may offer opt-in features to contribute to model improvement.
  • Will ColorClone be continually updated?
    Yes, as is common with AI, our machine learning model learns through use. The continued data input will improve the product over time.
  • Why don’t my cameras match exactly?
    Due to variables like lighting spectra, lens characteristics, and sensor manufacturing tolerances even between cameras of the same model — perfect matches are challenging. ColorClone includes a "Fine-Tune" feature to mitigate these discrepancies.
  • How many machines can I use ColorClone on?
    Each ColorClone license allows activation on one machine at a time. For multi-device or company-wide use, please deactivate the previous device before reactivating on a new one.
  • Can you export the matches as a LUT?
    ColorClone matches can be exported as LUTs (.cube files) for use in cameras or monitors, facilitating seamless integration with your existing workflow.
  • Will this work on Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, or AVID?
    Initially launching for DaVinci Resolve, support for Adobe Premiere Pro is forthcoming. Plans for Final Cut X and AVID integration are under development, with release dates to be announced.
  • Can I use different color temperatures with ColorClone and will it still match?
    ColorClone adeptly adjusts to different color temperatures, maintaining accurate matches under various lighting conditions.
  • What cameras are supported in ColorClone?
    We aim to support as many cameras as possible. For models not currently supported, our upcoming ColorClone Pro application will enable users to create custom matches, leveraging our machine learning model. Check out our current list of supported cameras here.
  • Is ColorClone just a LUT?
    While ColorClone's output can be condensed into a LUT, the underlying technology encompasses advanced mathematical models, enabling sophisticated, non-correlated transformations beyond traditional LUT creation capabilities.
  • Why is ColorClone a subscription based model? Can I pay one time?
    ColorClone is available as a subscription to support ongoing camera profiling and software enhancements. A one-time purchase option is also available, offering unlimited access to all future updates.
  • Where can I provide feedback regarding my experience with FilmaticAI?
    Please reach out to us via our contact page here or email us at We'd love to hear from you!
  • Can I upgrade to a lifetime license if I already subscribed to an annual license key for ColorClone?
    If you're interested in switching from an annual license key to a lifetime license, please reach out to us directly to We'll apply the amount you've already paid towards the one-time price fee, ensuring you're only charged the pro-rated difference.
  • Creating an Account
    Coming soon.
  • Resetting your Account Password
    Coming soon.
  • Data Usage and Privacy
    Your privacy is paramount. We do not use your data for training purposes or any other such activities. Your information remains confidential and is used solely to enhance your experience with our products.
  • Upgrading your Plan
    Coming soon.
  • Refund and Cancellation Policy
    Due to the digital nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds. We encourage you to review all product information and utilize trial versions where available before making a purchase. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  • Payment Options
    We support a variety of payment methods through Stripe for your convenience. Should you have specific payment requirements or questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at for personalized assistance.
  • What does it mean when I buy one license and activation?
    When you purchase ColorClone, you are buying a license key that allows you to activate it on one machine and you’re able to use it on other devices. The other machine will be de-activated at that time.
  • I want to buy more than one copy of ColorClone for my company, how do I do that?
    For bulk or enterprise purchases, offering multiple licenses and activations, please reach out to us directly at
  • Can I cancel my plan, can I still use ColorClone?
    Yes, your license key remains active and valid for the full duration of the plan you've purchased, even if you choose to cancel. Despite any messages from Stripe suggesting otherwise, rest assured you can continue using ColorClone until the end of your license's expiry period.
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